Australian Premium Tours

Delve into a continent rich with contrast. Find wonder in ancient lands.

The diversity of Australia is truly inspiring. Experience the magic of a desert sunrise against the fiery Red Centre landscape, marvel at the kaleidoscope of marine life on the Great Barrier Reef, walk along rugged untouched coast in Tasmania. Inspiring Journeys Australia itineraries take you beyond the well-known to experience the hidden gems that reflect the ancient soul of the great southern land.

  • 1 Hero Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge Cruise 2560 1700
    Australia | 11 DAYS |

    Northern Territory Dreaming

    Explore Northern Territory's ancient gorges, spectacular wetlands and unique wildlife, and meet the descendants of Aboriginal people who have lived here for 65,000 years.



  • 1 Hero edith falls 2560 1700
    Australia | 5 DAYS

    Kakadu’s Ancient Secrets

    Be awed by Australia’s magnificent Top End, where you'll discover untamed waterfalls, vast wetlands, ancient culture and Dreamtime artwork.



  • 1 Hero uluru  GettyImages 2560 1500
    Australia | 13 DAYS |

    Inspiring Australia

    Experience the ancient Gondwana rainforests of northern Australia, majestic Uluṟu in the spiritual Red Centre and the iconic harbour city of Sydney.



  • 1 Hero DArenberg Credit Isaac Forman 2560 1000
    Australia | 5 DAYS

    Flavours of South Australia

    This food and wine lovers’ long weekend, is a culinary discovery of South Australia.



  • 1 Hero The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery 2560 1700
    Australia | 7 DAYS

    Tastes of Tasmania

    Experience a culinary journey through Australia’s beloved island state while soaking up its wild, rugged natural beauty.



  • new image ig
    Australia | 6 DAYS

    Outback Contrasts

    Witness the rugged landscape of the Red Centre and marvel at the ancient cultures that have cared for this land for generations. Experience the majesty of Uluru, Kings Canyon and view rock art dating back thousands of years.



Australian Small Group Tours FAQ

When is the best time to visit Australia?

The best time to travel through the heart of the Australian Outback is between the Southern Hemisphere Autumn and Winter months from May to October. The Northern Territory offers particularly pleasant temperatures and rainfall conditions, with the clear blue skies of the dry season allowing for plenty of exploration. For guests wanting to experience Tasmania’s beautiful beaches and pristine wilderness, the summer months offer plenty of opportunity to sample clean air, local produce brimming with flavour from farm to fork. Sydney’s vibrant harbour, bridge and Opera House are best explored in Spring, when Jacaranda trees begin to flower and paint the city a beautiful shade of lilac.


What is considered a small group tour?

Inspiring Journeys specialises in escorted tours of Australia and New Zealand. With small groups of up to 22 people, you are ensured an intimate and personalised travel experience, specifically tailored for those seeking a more immersive and authentic adventure. Our tours foster a close-knit atmosphere where travellers can forge meaningful connections and build cherished memories together.

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Australia?

Australia boasts an incredible array of popular tourist attractions that promise to captivate the hearts of travellers on Inspiring Journeys' tours. From the untamed wilderness of Kakadu National Park, where rock art shows the ancient First Nations culture and diverse wildlife abounds, to the majestic Wattarka National Park/Kings Canyon, a natural wonder offering breathtaking hikes and awe-inspiring vistas, each destination promises unforgettable experiences. Standing tall in the heart of the Outback, the iconic Uluru mesmerises visitors with its imposing beauty and spiritual significance. For wine enthusiasts, The Barossa Valley beckons with its picturesque vineyards and world-renowned wineries, where exquisite vintages await to be savoured. Last but not least, Freycinet National Park, with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the iconic Wineglass Bay, showcases the untouched beauty of Tasmania's east coast. These remarkable locations and stunning landscapes epitomise the unique allure of Australia, and our carefully curated tours allow guests to embrace the magic and wonder of these cherished landmarks in the company of like-minded adventurers on an unforgettable journey.

What is the the benefit of booking an escorted tour?

A premium small group tour with Inspiring Journeys enhances your experience when travelling through the natural wonders of the Australian country. First and foremost, our escorted tours provide a hassle-free and well-organised trip, sparing you from the stress of planning logistics and making accommodation arrangements for all your destinations. Moreover, travelling with an Inspiring Journeys Journey Director grants you access to exclusive experiences and hidden gems that may not be readily available to independent travellers.