The Wonder of Karrke

  • Author Nikki Bruce from Inspiring Journeys
  • Date 21 Apr 2020

Meet Peter and Christine.

Three hours’ drive from Uluru in the heart of Australia, there’s a sacred place along an endearing red dirt road in the depths of Kings Canyon National Park, Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience and Tours. 

Some places are just so special, awaking something inside you which was unknown to you before. That moment of wonder, discovering something new and observing another person’s culture makes travel so powerful. This one of a kind Aboriginal owned and operated experience is hosted by Peter and Christine, who will take you on a journey through the area of Watarrka. This small Wan­mar­ra community (of only ten people), invite you to learn their rich and ancient history in this beautiful setting.

Surrounded by bushland, native birds singing in the trees, the sounds of the cicada and stunning paintings hung up on the open-air walls will have you mesmerised instantly. Welcomed with a ceremony, spoken by Christine in the Luritja and Pertame (Southern Aranda) languages, you’ll be introduced to the significance of this land.

Guided by Peter, you're taken through areas of importance, he shares his cultural knowledge from this region. Colourful organic seeds gathered are carefully placed on the floor, this seasonal Mai (meaning food in the Luritja language) is used for bush medicines for spiritual healing and bush tucker. Christine demonstrations the importance of grinding stones, showing the delicacy of these ancient medicines.

Christine is also a talented artist creating jewellery made from seeds, burnt using traditional branding techniques. She shares how their people paint about the land, passing on important stories through dot painting. This painting done today continues and maintains the communities living culture.

We look forward to Karrke sharing the spirit of the land with Inspiring Journeys guests in 2021.