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The Image Library contains images, text and other materials and data. The full terms and conditions of your license for the use of images, text or maps from the Image Library are outlined below. Agreement to these terms and conditions will result in the granting of a non-exclusive right to use the selected film, image, video, text or map for the permitted purpose. This license will terminate immediately upon the expiry of the agreed term of use, or upon breach of the terms and conditions. By downloading, or otherwise making use of, any of the content on the website you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. You agree to indemnify Inspiring Journeys, against all actions, suits, claims, demands and costs. Inspiring Journeys is the owner of all copyrights and intellectual property rights in all content contained on this website unless otherwise noted in the description of the material.

Images and footage shot in specific locations within Australia and New Zealand must only be used to promote Australia and New Zealand and the specific location that it was taken. Any exceptions to this need permission from the Inspiring Journeys Image Library Manager. All images should be captioned with the location. A small credit with the words Copyright Inspiring Journeys should be included where possible. Copies of published images should be sent to marketing@aatkings.com.au



(a) In these terms and conditions, we or us means the Inspiring Journeys.

(b) Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they apply to your use of the images as accessed through this site. By using this site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

(c) By accessing the images through this site we agree to grant you a non-exclusive license to use specific material bound by these terms and conditions. We may terminate your license at any time with immediate effect if you fail to comply with these terms and conditions.

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Inspiring Journeys shall use its best endeavours to supply to you such materials as you may require, to exercise the rights granted. You must warrant that such copies shall be used only within the production, and the use in any other context without the permission of Inspiring Journeys is excluded. Upon completion of the production you shall destroy or return to Inspiring Journeys all copies of any footage. You shall be responsible for all laboratory, carriage and customs in respect of the manufactured copies of any footage. Material is supplied on a strictly non exclusive basis for use in the specified production only.



(a) You acknowledge that the content on the site is subject to copyright and possibly other intellectual property rights. In these terms and conditions, content includes things that you may see, read, hear, down load or access on or via the site (including but not limited to messages, files, data, software, images, photographs, illustrations, text and other materials).

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