A Commitment to Sustainability.

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By choosing Inspiring Journeys, you'll make a tangible impact on the native wildlife of Australia & New Zealand, through our partnership with the Treadright Foundation.

By partnering with TreadRight, we work together to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to help protect marine and wildlife, and to care for the planet we all call home. For more information visit TreadRight.org and connect on social media: @TreadRight #TreadRight #MakeTravelMatter.


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At TreadRight, we are committed to encouraging the cultures, traditions and arts of the communities we visit to thrive. We seek to enable some of these communities to see true benefit from tourism through economic empowerment. We do this through our support of micro-enterprises, and community based tourism initiatives that builds positive futures for community members and their families.

On your Inspiring Journey in Australia, you'll experience authentic interaction with traditional landowners of Australia, and come to learn about the rich history and belief systems of the over 500 unique Indigenous countries, that have existed for millennia. In Katherine, you'll learn firsthand from Manuel Pamkal about his ancient culture,and traditional 'Rarrk' painting.

In New Zealand, you'll meet the descendants of Maori warriors, learn their stories, going back in time. At Rotorua, Rosie Belvie will invite you to become immersed in the beauty and wisdom of her ancestors. 


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Reducing the environmental impact of our business is at the core of what we do.  To show that our support is actionable, we’ve committed to eliminating all single-use plastics in both our offices and out on the road by 2022. And that’s just the beginning.

In 2017 we introduced our e-docs program which allows our guests to receive their travel documents digitally, replacing the need for paper whilst also having a tree planted in their name as part of our plant a tree initiative.

All of this, whilst supporting projects striving to keep our oceans and coastlines clean, are just some of the ways we’re committing to safeguarding the future of our planet.


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The world’s wildlife is balancing on a dangerous precipice, so it is our responsibility to help protect some of these species most at risk from extinction. Partnering with leading wildlife organisations, we work to help protect and rehabilitate the native wildlife of Australia & New Zealand, including iconic koalas and Kiwi's you'll see on your Inspiring Journeys itinerary.

In Australia, Treadright is a major supporter of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, and is a sponsor of their 'koala kindy', which has helped over 2,000 koalas be rehabilitated. In New Zealand, Treadright sponsors the Kiwi Breeding Programme at Rainbow Springs, the largest kiwi conservation hatchery in the world, where an incredible 55% of chicks hatched nationwide are incubated and hatched. 

Internationally, through our partners, we support elephant, rhino and big cat populations around the world, whilst also educating our guests on ethical wildlife experiences.