Best Wine Spots In Australia

  • Date 17 Sept 2020

Hero image courtesy of Moorilla Winery Tourism

Australia is famous for award-winning 'new world' wines, which are as diverse as our climate. From delicate Chardonnay in cool climate Tasmania, velvety Cabernet Sauvignon in coastal Margaret River to full-bodied South Australian Shiraz. With so many regions and Australia's abundant local produce to be paired, you'll struggle to decide where to go next.

Here are some of our favourite sipping locations


Tasmania's oldest winery Moorilla, was established in 1985 in the beautiful Hobart. Located next to Australia's most well-known art gallery Mona, there's a sweet combination of great wine mixed with new and old art. This has even led to some of Moorilla's wines being banned in some states of the US, due to provocative imagery on wine labels. Explore where Art Meets Wine on Tasmania's Footsteps and Trails 7 day trip. Mona's living moss tables are also one not to be missed, sit back and relax enjoying the hints of oak and vanilla with Moorilla's Muse Chardonnay 2017. 

 Gemtree Vineyard 

In McLaren Vale, down a narrow gum-lined track next to some endearing alpaca, you'll find the beautiful Gemtree vineyard. Looking out from their eco-friendly tasting room at the organic vines, you can tell straight away why this place is so special. These passionate winemakers believe in harvesting with care, respecting and nurturing the land. Their unique, organic and biodynamic winemaking process is built around enhancing the quality of the grapes. The grapes are planted, grafted and harvested according to the phases of the moon. Learn more on our Flavours of South Australia trip coming soon for 2021. 

Image courtesy of Gemtree


A true highlight of your journey in South Australia will be the d'Arenberg Cube, inspired by the complexities and puzzles of winemaking, all five levels have been carefully designed to entice and excite the senses. Have lunch at the award-winning dÁrry's Verandah Restaurant, with spectacular views of rolling hills and vineyards. Discover this astonishing building virtually with winemaker Chester Osborn here with live from Aus. Look out for d'Arenberg's distinctive red stripe bottles and their eccentric names such as The Witches Berry Chardonnay 2018. #SeeAustralia  

Image courtesy of d'Arenberg

 Jack Rabbit Vineyard

On a journey to Victoria's Hidden Gems, passing The Great Ocean Road through to The Bellarine Peninsula, you'll indulge in an exclusive Local Dining Experience lunch and wine tasting at the award-winning Jack Rabbit Vineyard. With more than 100 acres of vines spanning The Bellarine, you'll be spoilt for choice with their divine range of Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Margaret River

On the south-west coastline not far from Fremantle, you'll find the small town of Margaret River. With 215 wineries the region is best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, having water on three sides allows for sea breezes to create a perfect climate. On a Journey to the West dine at the aptly named Other Side of the Moon, where you can watch the moon rise and set over the ocean. Their award-winning restaurant specialises in showcasing Margaret River's local produce and maritime influenced wines.